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Sup Newgrowz?

I just bought the new Wacon 24HD, because I wanted to work more professional.
I have worked with the 12WX since 2009 ( You can see below the table )
Yeah I know I don't make much animations, I do more business and industrial stuff for companies like technical drawings
and shit tones of voice work.
Also, I do work on a few animations, but I don't have much time to work on them since my normal job has become more and more a pain in the ass.

Well anyways, the question here is, " The 24HD - A good or bad decision?"

After a whole day of " Let's test this fucking monster" I can say a few good things about it.
- The 24HDs pen pressure control does work very good. ( better than the 12WX )
- You have a lot of space to draw, when you zoom in to draw finer lines.
- The control buttons on the left and right side are awesome, not like the shitty ones of the 12WX.
( The most things I do hate about the 12WX are these god damn touch strips )
- The handling with the whole control buttons and the buttons on the upside is really easy and fast.
- The new touch strips circles can zoom, change the brush/pencil/or what ever size and rotate marked images in flash or photoshop.

I am still in a testing phase, so don't blam me if I have forget something important^^

Also I bought a electric height-adjustable table for the 24HD, because I want to work standing up.
I am much more concentrated like this and it's good for my back too.

You can see bigger images of my workplace here
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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me ya shit.


Wacom Cintiq 24HD - Waste or Worth?

First animation on NG <3

2012-04-24 14:31:29 by Peppy-Stevy

Hello Newgrounds :3
My name is Steve.
Thanks to everyone who have already watch my animation.
Its nice to be with the first animation here on the front page.
The End Minecraft [ML]

I work write now on new upcoming cartoons, but more the funny stuff :D
Please ignore my shitty other stuff on YouTube^^

btw can someone explain me Ludum Dare 23?
Well I'm new and just don't understand it.

Thankssssssssss >:3

p.s the enderman don't rape people XD

First animation on NG  <3