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First animation on NG <3

2012-04-24 14:31:29 by Peppy-Stevy

Hello Newgrounds :3
My name is Steve.
Thanks to everyone who have already watch my animation.
Its nice to be with the first animation here on the front page.
The End Minecraft [ML]

I work write now on new upcoming cartoons, but more the funny stuff :D
Please ignore my shitty other stuff on YouTube^^

btw can someone explain me Ludum Dare 23?
Well I'm new and just don't understand it.

Thankssssssssss >:3

p.s the enderman don't rape people XD

First animation on NG  <3


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2012-04-24 15:06:38

Hello man, welcome to Newgrounds, I absolutely love'd 'The End', pretty amazing how you were able to get all those languages for the voice-overs and the ending was extremely well thought.

Anyways, the Ludum Dare 23 is a challenge to make a game within 48 hours (last weekend). It's too late now, but I am sure there will be a similar event very soon.

Anyways, glad to have you on Newgrounds, I'm hoping you'll enjoy your stay.

Peppy-Stevy responds:

That was very helpful.
Guess I have to buy the NG calendar to know all the special days :3


2012-04-24 16:13:24

You can find the Newgrounds online calendar at;
But of course, I'm pretty sure that doesn't even come close to the physical calendar, considering the people who have worked on it, I would most likely buy a calendar, weren't it that they only last for a year.

Peppy-Stevy responds:

Thanks again <3


2012-04-24 17:15:28

haha good to see your start to be active in NG too know buddy <3
maybe you can NOW spam comments on my crappy artworks xD

Peppy-Stevy responds:

Sure >:3


2012-04-24 17:45:31

its always a video game or a pony